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Introducing the SMOK RPM2 Coils, meticulously crafted for discerning vapers seeking an unparalleled vaping experience.

Key Features:

  • Versatility: Compatible with a range of devices, emphasizing compatibility with the innovative SMOK Thallos Kits and SMOK Coils.
  • Dual Coil Options: Choose between the 0.16 Ohm mesh coil for Sub Ohm vaping and the 0.6 Ohm DC coil tailored for Mouth-To-Lung (MTL) enthusiasts.
  • Kanthal Construction: Built with durable Kanthal (KA1) material for long-lasting performance and consistent quality.
  • Optimized Performance: The 0.3 Ohm mesh variants deliver enhanced flavor and cloud production, ideal for high VG e-liquids. Meanwhile, the 0.6 Ohm DC coil ensures a fast ramp-up time and lasting taste with high PG e-liquids.
  • Packaging: Each purchase includes 5 SMOK RPM2 Replacement Vape Coils and Pods, providing excellent value for money.

Exclusively available at the EVPE Crystal Clear Vape Store, ensuring access to premium vaping essentials.


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If you purchase this product you will earn 40 Reward Points worth £2.00!
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SMOK RPM2 Coils: Elevate Your Vaping Experience

Vaping enthusiasts understand the significance of quality coils, and the SMOK RPM2 replacement vape coils stand out in the market. Designed specifically for devices like the SMOK RMP2, RPM2S, Scar P3 & P5 pod kits, and the innovative SMOK Thallos Kits, these SMOK coils offer a vaping experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Compatibility with Devices

SMOK RPM2 Coils are versatile and compatible with an array of devices, making them a popular choice among vapers. Notably, these coils are tailored for use with the cutting-edge SMOK Thallos Kits, showcasing the brand’s commitment to innovation and ensuring compatibility with the latest vaping technology.

Coil Variants

The SMOK RPM2 Coils come in two enticing variants, each catering to different vaping preferences. The 0.16 Ohm mesh coil is perfect for sub-ohm enthusiasts, providing a larger surface area to heat e-liquid for intensified flavor and impressive cloud production. On the other hand, the 0.6 Ohm DC coil is designed for Mouth Lung (MTL) vaping, offering a unique dual coil build for a fast ramp-up time and enduring taste.

Features of SMOK RPM2 Coils

These coils boast a blend of features that appeal to both Sub Ohm and MTL vapers. The availability of mesh and double coil variants ensures a customized experience. With resistances of 0.15 Ohm and 0.6 Ohm, users can fine-tune their vaping setup to match their preferences.

Construction Material

Crafted with Kanthal (KA1), the SMOK RPM2 Coils prioritize durability without compromising on performance. Kanthal’s unique properties make it an ideal choice for vaping coils, providing a consistent and reliable vaping experience.

Performance of 0.3 Ohm Mesh Variants

The 0.3 Ohm mesh variants steal the spotlight with their larger surface area, effectively heating e-liquid to unlock rich flavors and dense clouds. Vapers are encouraged to pair these coils with high VG e-liquids of 60% and above for optimal results, creating a sensory experience that surpasses expectations.

Performance of 0.6 Ohm DC Coil

The 0.6 Ohm DC coil introduces a dual coil build, ensuring a swift ramp-up time and prolonged taste sensation. To enhance the vaping experience, users are recommended to pair this coil with high PG e-liquids of 50% and above. The result is a perfect balance of flavor and vapor production.

Optimal Pairing of Coils with E-liquids

Choosing the right e-liquid is crucial for maximizing the potential of SMOK RPM2 Coils. For the 0.3 Ohm mesh variants, high VG e-liquids with a concentration of 60% and above are advised. Meanwhile, the 0.6 Ohm DC coil performs optimally with high PG e-liquids of 50% and above, ensuring a satisfying vaping experience tailored to individual preferences.

Packaging and Quantity

Each purchase of SMOK RPM2 Coils includes 5 replacement vape coils, emphasizing value for money. The packaging is designed to protect the coils during transit, ensuring that vapers receive their products in pristine condition.

Where to Find SMOK RPM2 Coils

For those eager to experience the superior performance of SMOK RPM2 Coils and Pods, they are readily available at the EVPE Crystal Clear Vape Store. Take the next step in enhancing your vaping journey by acquiring these exceptional coils.


RPM2 – 0.16 Ohm – Mesh Coil, RPM2 – 0.6 Ohm – DC Coil (MTL)

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