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Introducing Uwell Nunchaku Coils designed for use across a variety of Uwell kits and tanks, these replacement coils offer versatility and exceptional performance.

Key Features:

  • Versatility Across Uwell Kits and Tanks: Compatible with Nunchaku kit, Nunchaku 2 kit, and Nunchaku sub ohm vape tank, providing a seamless fit for various setups.
  • Wide Range of Resistances: Tailor your vaping experience with options like the 0.14 Ohm Meshed Nunchaku Coils for TCR mode, 0.2 Ohm Meshed Nunchaku Coils, 0.25 Nunchaku Coil, and 0.4 Nunchaku Coil, catering to diverse preferences.
  • DTL Vaping Optimized: Designed for direct-to-lung vaping, these coils deliver substantial vapor production. Pair with a 70% VG e-liquid or higher for an optimal DTL experience.
  • Quality Claptonized A1 Coils: The 0.25 Nunchaku Coil and 0.4 Nunchaku Coil feature claptionized A1 coils, enhancing flavor delivery and vapor consistency.
  • Packaging and Quantity: Each pack includes 4 replacement coils, offering both quality and quantity for an extended vaping journey.
  • Uwell’s Commitment to Quality: Built with precision and adherence to high-quality standards, ensuring a reliable and consistent performance with every use.

Experience the difference with Uwell Nunchaku Coils – where innovation meets satisfaction. Available at EVPE Crystal Clear Vape Store.


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If you purchase this product you will earn 40 Reward Points worth £2.00!
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Uwell Nunchaku Coils: Forefront of Innovation

The world of vaping is continually evolving, and Uwell Nunchaku replacement coils stand at the forefront of innovation, promising a vaping experience like no other.

Uwell Nunchaku Coils

Uwell Nunchaku coils are not limited to a specific kit or tank; their compatibility spans a wide range of Uwell products. Whether you own the Nunchaku kit, the Nunchaku 2 kit, or the Nunchaku sub-ohm vape tank, these coils are designed to deliver optimal performance.

DTL Vaping

Understanding the concept of direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping is crucial when exploring the Uwell Nunchaku coils. This vaping style aims to create a large amount of vapor, and for this, we recommend using a 70% VG e-liquid or higher.

Available Resistances / Types:

0.14 Ohm Meshed Nunchaku Coils

For enthusiasts who prefer TCR mode, the 0.14 Ohm Meshed Nunchaku Coils are tailor-made. Operating between 50-60 watts in power mode, these coils offer a balance of flavor and vapor production.

0.2 Ohm Meshed Nunchaku Coils

Stepping into the realm of versatility, the 0.2 Ohm Meshed Nunchaku Coils cater to vapers who seek a wattage range of 50-60 watts. A perfect choice for those desiring a well-rounded vaping experience.

0.25 Nunchaku Coil

Featuring a claptonized A1 coil, the 0.25 Nunchaku Coil brings a unique element to your vaping routine. With a recommended wattage of 40-50 watts, this coil promises a smooth and flavorful draw.

0.4 Nunchaku Coil

Designed with a claptionized A1 coil, the 0.4 Nunchaku Coil finds its sweet spot between 45-55 watts. Ideal for vapers who prioritize a balance between cloud production and battery efficiency.

Quality Assurance and Design

Uwell Coils takes pride in ensuring that each Nunchaku coil meets the highest standards of quality. The design elements incorporated into these coils contribute to a vaping experience that transcends expectations.

Package Inclusion

Each purchase of Uwell Nunchaku Coils includes 4 replacement coils, providing users with long-lasting value. Uwell’s commitment to quality is evident not only in the performance of the coils but also in their packaging and quantity.

Where to Find Uwell Nunchaku Coils

For those eager to elevate their vaping experience, the Uwell Nunchaku Coils are conveniently available at the EVPE Crystal Clear Vape Store.


Nunchaku 0.14 Ohm Meshed, Nunchaku 0.2 Ohm Meshed, Nunchaku 0.25 Ohm A1 Claptonized, Nunchaku 0.4 Ohm A1 Claptonized

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