How we started

The origin story of Crystal Clear Vapours is very unique compared to other vape shops and one we are extremely proud of. Crystal Clear Vapours started when the wife of CEO Chris Bowman, Camilla was diagnosed with terminal cancer. This inspired the couple to start a revolution against the most preventable source of cancer – cigarettes.

Where we are today

Chris and Camilla set up the first Crystal Clear Vape Store (one of the UKs original vape shops) in Warrington Market in 2012 and the business has been expanding ever since. Crystal Clear has seen 10 stores open across the North of England and Wales and an online store that ships high quality E-Liquids, Kits and Vaping equipment across the UK

Our vision

Our main goal at Crystal Clear is to have a smoke free world. To have all those who smoke or on the path to smoking to choose the less harmful route of vaping. We are always striving to provide kits, liquids and all vaping of the highest quality at competitive prices to help fight against the most preventable source of cancer and illness. Start your smoke free journey with us today!

Shake 'N' Vape

Our Shake N Vape store in the heart of Warrington town centre is renowned for its famous flavour bar where vapours can come in and make their own delicious vape concoction custom to their taste!

Widnes Market

Our shop in Widnes market is so good, it’s won awards! One of the most popular stalls in the huge market the stall is ran by vaping expert Charli who will happily assist beginners to vaping veterans


Our Tyldesley store ran by Daniel in the middle of Tyldesley high street is by far one of our most popular store with vapers all across the East Lancs area popping in to get all their juice, kit and accessory needs.


Our Orford store at the end of Poplars is one of our biggest stores we have. Whatever you’re after whether that be E-Liquid, Kits or any other of your vaping needs – come on down, we have you covered.


Our Lancaster store located in the centre of the Marketgate Shopping Centre is our biggest store featuring a flavour bar and all of the Ejuice, E-Cig kits and vaping accessories you can imagine. Ran by seasoned expert Pete who will happily help you if you are just starting your smoke free journey or a vaping vetran!


Located bang in the middle of Shottons high street, our Shotton store is ran by vaping veteran Dave who has been in the game since the early days and has assisted many in their smoke free journey. By far the most popular vape shop in North Wales due to amazing products and competitive price – pop in!

Our Flavour House

At EVPE HQ we have our very own flavour house and production factory where we make all our in house flavours for both ourselves and other E-Liquid companies. This ensures that we can make the highest quality E-Liquid for super low prices for our customer.