AWT 18650 3000mAh Battery


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Introducing the AWT 18650 3000mAh Battery – a game-changer in the world of vape batteries.

Key Features:

  • High Nominal Capacity: Boasting a remarkable 3000mAh, enjoy extended vaping sessions without the constant need for recharging.
  • Stable Voltage Output: With a nominal voltage of 3.6V to 4.2V, experience a consistent and reliable power source for a smooth vaping experience.
  • Powerful Discharge Current: At 40A (Max Pulse 20A), the AWT 18650 Battery delivers a powerful and responsive performance, meeting the demands of avid vapers.
  • Mooch’s Rating: Backed by Mooch’s rating, this battery offers credibility and assurance of top-notch quality and performance.
  • Safe for Regulated Mods: Designed for use in Regulated Mods, ensuring safety and optimal performance for a worry-free vaping experience.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of Vape Mod Kits, enhancing the overall performance of your vaping device.
  • Enhanced Vaping Experience: Elevate your vaping journey with a battery that prioritizes excellence, providing a satisfying hit with every puff.

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Out of stock

AWT 18650 3000mAh Battery: Powering Your Vape Experience

Vaping has evolved beyond being merely a trend; it has transformed into a lifestyle for numerous individuals. And at the heart of every impressive Vape Mod Kit lies a crucial component – the battery.

Understanding Lithium-ion Batteries

Before we dive into the specifics of the AWT 18650, let’s take a moment to understand the basics of lithium-ion batteries. These rechargeable powerhouses are known for their high energy density and reliability, making them the preferred choice for various electronic devices, including vape mods.

The Remarkable Nominal Capacity

One of the standout features of the AWT 18650 is its impressive nominal capacity of 3000mAh. This indicates the amount of charge the battery can store, ensuring prolonged usage without the constant need for recharging. Vapers can enjoy extended sessions without the worry of their device losing power unexpectedly.

Voltage Specifications

With a nominal voltage of 3.6V and a maximum voltage of 4.2V, the AWT 18650 Battery provides a stable and reliable power source for your vape mod. The consistent voltage output contributes to a smooth vaping experience, ensuring optimal performance with every puff.

Impressive Discharge Current: 40A (Max Pulse 20A)

For vapers who crave a powerful and responsive device, the AWT 18650 doesn’t disappoint. With a discharge current of 40A (Max Pulse 20A – Rated by Mooch), this battery delivers the necessary power for a satisfying vaping experience. Mooch’s rating adds a layer of credibility, reassuring users of the battery’s performance.

Appropriate Use

It’s crucial to note that the AWT 18650 Battery is best suited for use in Regulated Mods rather than Mechanical Mods. Understanding the distinction between these two types of mods ensures the safe and efficient use of the battery, preventing potential risks associated with improper pairing.

Importance of Choosing the Right Battery for Vape Mods

Selecting the right battery for your vape mod is paramount to ensure safety, performance, and longevity. The AWT 18650 stands out as a reliable choice, meeting the demands of vapers who prioritize quality and consistency in their vaping experience.

AWT 18650 Battery in Vape Mod Kits

Many Vape Mod Kits on the market now come equipped with the AWT 18650 3000mAh Battery, recognizing its value in delivering a seamless vaping experience. This inclusion enhances the overall performance of the kit, making it an attractive option for both novice and experienced vapers.

Benefits of AWT 18650 3000mAh Battery

  • Extended usage with a high nominal capacity.
  • Stable and reliable voltage output for a consistent vaping experience.
  • High discharge current for powerful and responsive vaping.
  • Mooch’s rating adds credibility to the battery’s performance.
  • Ideal for use in Regulated Mods, ensuring safety and efficiency.AWT 18650 3000mAh Battery

Where to Find AWT 18650 3000mAh Battery

For those looking to upgrade their vaping experience, the AWT 18650 3000mAh Battery is readily available. You can find this exceptional lithium-ion battery at the EVPE Crystal Clear Vape Store, a trusted source of quality vaping products.

Brand: Samsung SDI
Model: INR18650-25R (25R)
Size: 18650
Nominal Capacity: 2500mAh
Nominal Voltage: 3.6V
Maximum Voltage: 4.2V
Discharge Current: 20A Maximum Continuous
Style: Flat Top
Approximate Dimensions: 18.33m x 64.85mm
Approximate Weight: 45g

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