Bubblegum Grenade Riot Squad


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Bubblegum Grenade Riot Squad is a flavor explosion in every vape.

Key Features:

  • Explosive Flavor Blend: Combines a vibrant bubblegum flavor with subtle notes of banana, strawberry, and a tangy lemonade exhale for a taste sensation.
  • Customizable Nicotine Levels: The 50ml shortfill bottle provides space for a 10ml nicotine booster shot, allowing users to tailor the nicotine strength to their preferences.
  • Optimal VG Blend: With a 70% VG blend, this e-liquid is designed for sub-ohm vaping, ensuring both rich flavor and impressive cloud production.
  • Premium UK-Made E-Liquid: Crafted by Riot Squad, a reputable UK-based brand, Bubblegum Grenade is part of the Punk Grenade range, known for its quality and innovation.
  • Practical Packaging: The shortfill bottle is designed with a childproof cap and tamper-evident seal, ensuring safety and product integrity.
  • Ideal for Sub-Ohm Devices: Tailored for sub-ohm vape kits or tanks, Bubblegum Grenade Riot Squad promises an enhanced vaping experience with each puff.

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Bubblegum Grenade Riot Squad: Exploding Flavors in Every Vape

Are you ready for an explosion of flavor in your vaping experience? Look no further than the Bubblegum Grenade Riot Squad shortfill e-liquid. This candy blend takes your taste buds on a wild ride, with a vibrant bubblegum flavor complemented by subtle hints of banana and strawberry. But that’s not all – a tangy lemonade on exhale brings the entire experience to a satisfying finish, making it a truly balanced e-liquid.

Flavor Profile

The heart of Bubblegum Grenade by Riot Squad lies in its irresistible flavor profile. The bubblegum taste takes center stage, hitting you from the very first vape. Imagine the sweetness of bananas and the juiciness of ripe strawberries dancing on your palate. It’s a symphony of flavors that keeps you coming back for more.

Exhale Experience

As you exhale, a tangy lemonade note emerges, adding a delightful twist to the sweetness. This unexpected yet harmonious blend of fruity and zesty elements sets Bubblegum Grenade Riot Squad apart from ordinary e-liquids. The exhale is the grand finale, leaving a lingering, satisfying taste that will leave you reaching for your vape again and again.

Product Presentation

Bubblegum Grenade Riot Squad comes in 50ml shortfill bottles, leaving room for customization. If you crave a nicotine kick, simply add a 10ml nicotine booster shot. This simple customization allows you to tailor the e-liquid to your preferences, creating a personalized vaping experience.

Mixing and Customization

Adding a nicotine booster shot is a breeze. Follow our guide for the perfect blend, transforming your 50ml shortfill into a 60ml bottle of 3mg e-liquid. Experimentation is encouraged, and the possibilities for creating your unique blend are endless.

VG Blend and Cloud Production

With a 70% VG blend, Bubblegum Grenade Riot Squad is designed for cloud chasers. Whether you use a sub-ohm vape kit or tank, this e-liquid promises large clouds without sacrificing flavor. Immerse yourself in the thick, flavorful clouds that only Riot Squad can deliver.

Brand Origin and Range

Originating from the UK, Riot Squad has crafted a masterpiece with the Punk Grenade range. Building on the success of their Pink Grenade e-liquid, Bubblegum Grenade Riot Squad introduces a collection of fruit and candy blends, all featuring the signature lemonade base that vapers love.

Where to Find Bubblegum Grenade Riot Squad

Wondering where to find Bubblegum Grenade by Riot Squad? Visit the EVPE Crystal Clear Vape Store. With a reputation for offering top-notch vaping products.

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