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Introducing the Freemax Fireluke Mesh Pro Coils – your passport to an upgraded vaping experience!

Key Features:

  • Versatile Compatibility: These Freemax coils are like the chameleons of the vaping world! They smoothly work with Mesh Pro Tank, FireLuke Tank, and FireLuke Pro Tank, making them super versatile.
  • Diverse Options: It’s all about choices! Whether you prefer a balanced experience with the 0.15ohm Kanthal Single Mesh Coil or crave power with the 0.15ohm Kanthal Sextuple Mesh Coil, there’s an option for every taste and style.
  • Organic Cotton Technology: Get ready for an explosion of flavor! Thanks to the organic cotton in each coil, your vaping experience will not only taste better but also last longer. Plus, it’s a cleaner ride overall!
  • Convenient Packaging: No more stressing about running out! The coils are neatly packed in sets of three, giving you bang for your buck and ensuring you have enough for a seamless vaping journey.

Ready to level up your vaping game? Step into the future with Freemax Fireluke Mesh Pro Coils – where innovation meets satisfaction. Get yours today at the EVPE Crystal Clear Vape Store for an unmatched vaping adventure!


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If you purchase this product you will earn 30 Reward Points worth £1.50!
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Freemax Fireluke Mesh Pro Coils: A Breakthrough in Vaping

Vaping fans know how important coils are for a great experience. The Freemax Fireluke Mesh Pro Coils are changing the game by offering a wide range of atomizer cores to match different user preferences.

The Journey of Vaping Coils

To appreciate these coils, let’s look at how vaping coils have evolved. From basic designs to advanced mesh technology, the progress has been impressive. Freemax has been a leader in this evolution, always pushing boundaries to make vaping better.

Compatibility with Tanks

One cool thing about Freemax Fireluke Mesh Pro Coils is that they work with Mesh Pro Tank, FireLuke Tank, and FireLuke Pro Tank. But remember, they won’t work with the FireLuke Mesh Tank, so choose wisely.

Types of FreeMax Mesh Pro Replacement Coils

Now, let’s get into the specifics of these replacement coils:

  • 0.15ohm Kanthal Single Mesh Coil (40-70W): Balanced flavor and vapor.
  • 0.2ohm Kanthal Double Mesh Coil (60-90W): Higher wattage preference.
  • 0.15ohm Kanthal Triple Mesh Coil (80-110W): A more robust vaping experience.
  • 0.15ohm Kanthal Quad Mesh Coil (80-120W): Even higher wattage for enthusiasts.
  • 0.15ohm Kanthal Quintuple Mesh Coil (80-130W): Intense flavor and vapor.
  • 0.15ohm Kanthal Sextuple Mesh Coil (80-140W): Satisfying for high-wattage lovers.
  • 0.12ohm SS316L Single Mesh Coil (400-550°F): Temperature control option.

Each option is designed for specific preferences, so you can customize your vaping setup.

FreeMax FireLuke FireLock Replacement Coil Types

Alongside Mesh Pro Replacement Coils, Freemax Coils offers FireLock replacement coils with more options:

  • 0.15ohm FireLock Sextuple Coil (60-140W): Balancing wattage and performance.
  • 0.15ohm FireLock Duodenary Coil (80-180W): Powerful vaping experience.
  • 0.15ohm Kanthal DVC Coil (60-120W): Balanced for various users.
  • 0.25ohm Kanthal DVC Coil (50-100W): Ideal for moderate wattage vaping.

These FireLock coils give users even more choices to match their preferences.

Organic Cotton in Coils

A special feature of Freemax Fireluke Mesh Pro Coils is the use of organic cotton. This natural material boosts flavor, extends coil life, and provides a cleaner vaping experience. Choosing coils with organic cotton ensures a pure taste with each inhale.

Package Inclusion

Freemax Fireluke Mesh Pro Coils come in sets of three. This not only gives you value for money but also ensures you have enough coils for uninterrupted vaping. The compact packaging is travel-friendly and easy to store.

Where to Find Freemax Fireluke Mesh Pro Coils

If you want to try Freemax Fireluke Mesh Pro Coils, head to the EVPE Crystal Clear Vape Store for a great experience.


DVC Kanthal – 0.15ohm – rated for 60-120W, DVC Kanthal – 0.25ohm – rated for 50-100W, FireLuke Duodenary – 0.15ohm – rated for 80-180W, FireLuke Sextuple – 0.15ohm – rated for 60-140W, Mesh Pro Kanthal Double – 0.2ohm – rated for 60-90W, Mesh Pro Kanthal Quad – 0.15ohm – rated for 80-120W, Mesh Pro Kanthal Quintuple – 0.15ohm – rated for 80-130W, Mesh Pro Kanthal Sextuple – 0.15ohm – rated for 80-140W, Mesh Pro Kanthal Single – 0.15ohm – rated for 40-70W, Mesh Pro Kanthal Triple – 0.15ohm – rated for 80-110W, Mesh Pro SS316L Single – 0.12 Ohm – rated for 400-550F

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