Fruit Salad Shortfill E-liquid | Britannia Gold

Indulge in the timeless delight of Fruit Salad Shortfill E-liquid by Britannia Gold, a vaping sensation since 2012.

Key Features:

  • Nostalgic Bliss: Relive the joy of Fruit Salad sweets with every puff, a perfect blend of fruit, sweetness, raspberry, and freshness.
  • Benchmark Flavor: Britannia Gold, a vaping household name since 2012, sets the standard for bold and rich flavors in the vaping world.
  • Versatile Specifications: A 120ml Shortfill with 0mg nicotine, ready for 2 x 18mg Add Nic Shots and a balanced 40% VG 60% PG ratio for optimal vapor and flavor.
  • Safety First: Tamper-evident seals and child-proof caps ensure a secure and enjoyable vaping experience.
  • Additional Customization: Enhance your experience with optional 2x Nic Shots or 2x Cool Nic Shots, tailoring your vaping adventure to your preferences.
  • No Harmful Additives: Bowman Specialised Liquid products contain no tar, no tobacco, and no carbon monoxide, promoting a cleaner and healthier alternative.

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Fruit Salad Shortfill E-liquid: A Nostalgic Vaping Experience

If you’re a fan of nostalgia and delightful flavors, Fruit Salad Shortfill might just be the perfect vaping companion for you.

The Nostalgic Flavors of Fruit Salad Sweets

We all have fond memories of enjoying Fruit Salad sweets, and now, Britannia Gold brings that same beloved taste to the world of vaping. It’s a unique blend that captures the essence of fruity sweetness with a hint of raspberry freshness. The result? A vaping experience that takes you back to those carefree days of enjoying your favorite candies.

Britannia Gold: A Vaping Household Name

Established in 2012, Britannia Gold has become a household name in the vaping community. Known for its bold and rich flavors, Britannia Gold has carved a niche for itself in the competitive vaping market. L

The Journey of Britannia Gold Since 2012

Britannia Gold started its production in 2012 with a vision to provide vapers with exceptional flavors. Over the years, it has not only met but exceeded expectations. The brand’s commitment to quality and innovation has made it a go-to choice for those seeking a unique and satisfying vaping experience.


Understanding the specifications of the product is crucial for any vaper. Fruit Salad Shortfill comes in a 100ml bottle with 0mg nicotine content, making it a versatile option for different preferences. The 120ml bottle is ready for 2 x 18mg Add Nic Shots, allowing users to customize their nicotine intake.

The VG/PG ratio of 40% VG and 60% PG ensures a satisfying balance of vapor production and flavor. Additionally, the product features safety measures like a tamper-evident seal and a child-proof cap, prioritizing the well-being of users.

Additional Products

To enhance your vaping experience, Britannia Gold offers additional products,

Important Information for Users

Users need to be informed about the products they use. Bowman Specialised Liquids, emphasizes that the products may contain nicotine, which is an addictive substance. Users are advised to consult with their doctors if unsure about use and to refrain from using the product if allergic to any of its ingredients.

Age Restriction and Safety Measures

Bowman Specialised Liquids products are designed for adults aged 18 and over as an alternative to tobacco cigarettes. The company explicitly states that its products are not intended for children, pregnant or breastfeeding women, or individuals in ill health. This commitment to safety and responsible use sets Britannia Gold apart in the vaping industry.

Where to Find Britannia Gold Fruit Salad Shortfill 

For those interested in experiencing the delightful Fruit Salad Shortfill E-liquid, available at the EVPE Crystal Clear Vape Store. Visit the store and explore the range of options offered by this reputable brand.

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