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Introducing Pineapple E liquid by PopUp – the tropical vaping sensation you’ve been searching for. Immerse yourself in the refreshing world of juicy pineapple flavor, perfectly balanced with a hint of delightful sourness.

Key Features:

  • Authentic Tropical Flavor: Enjoy the authentic taste of juicy tropical pineapple with every puff. Pineapple E liquid by PopUp perfectly balances sweetness and a hint of sourness for a true-to-life experience.
  • Customizable Nicotine Levels: Tailor your vaping experience by adding two 10ml nicotine shots of your choice. Whether you prefer a standard nicotine hit or a refreshing menthol twist to suit your cravings.
  • Ideal VG/PG Ratio: With a 70% VG and 30% PG composition, this e-liquid is designed for both cloud chasers and flavor enthusiasts. Produce voluminous clouds without compromising on taste.
  • Premium Quality: PopUp is known for its commitment to quality. this e-liquid is no exception, delivering a high-quality vaping experience every time.

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Out of stock

Pineapple E liquid: The Perfect Tropical Vape Experience

In the world of vaping, finding the perfect e-liquid flavor can be quite an adventure. When it comes to e-liquids, the Pineapple E liquid by PopUp stands out as a juicy tropical delight. It’s no secret that pineapple is one of the most beloved fruit flavors in the vaping community, and PopUp has nailed it with its rendition.

A Dash of Sourness

There’s one trait common among all the best pineapple e-liquids, though on a slightly sour note. Just like the best fresh pineapple, which has an exquisite blend of sugar and acid, a great e-liquid should capture that balance perfectly.

Bottle Size and Nicotine Shots

PopUp e-liquid comes in a generous 100ml bottle, leaving you with room for two 10ml nicotine shots of your choice. This means you can tailor your vaping experience to your nicotine preference. For instance, adding two 10ml, 18mg nic shots will create 120ml of 3mg e-liquid, giving you a smooth and satisfying hit with every puff.

VG/PG Ratio

It boasts a 70% VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and 30% PG (Propylene Glycol) blend. This composition is perfect for cloud chasers who love to produce billowing plumes of vapor without sacrificing flavor. Whether you’re a cloud enthusiast or a flavor connoisseur, this e-liquid caters to both cravings.

Recommended Pairing

To get the most out of your Pineapple E liquid by PopUp, we recommend pairing it with a sub-ohm vape kit or tank. The high VG content ensures you can produce larger clouds without the overall diminishing flavor.

Product Options

If you’re ready to embark on a pineapple vaping adventure, you’re in luck! Pineapple E liquid offers some great product options:

Where to Find Pineapple E liquid

Now that you’re itching to get your hands on this tantalizing e-liquid, you can find it at the EVPE Crystal Clear Vape Store. They offer a selection of premium vaping products.

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