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Introducing Summer Syrup Nicotine Salt e-liquid by Pod Salts, a refreshing fusion of flavors designed to elevate your vaping experience.

Key Features:

  • Complex Flavor Profile: Experience the delightful combination of grape soda, pineapple, lemon, and lime, creating a unique and satisfying flavor.
  • Versatile VG Composition: With a 50% VG blend, Summer Syrup is ideal for smaller vaping devices, ensuring a clear taste and optimal vapor production.
  • Smooth Throat Hit: The specially designed salt nicotine blend, featuring Nicotinyl Salicylate at 20mg strength, provides a smooth and satisfying throat hit.
  • Collaboration with Doozy Vape Co.: Pod Salts’ collaboration with Doozy Vape Co. brings innovation to well-known flavors, expanding the Pod Salt Fusions range.
  • UK Manufactured Quality: Trust in the quality of Summer Syrup, proudly manufactured in the UK, adhering to high production standards.
  • Diverse Flavor Range: Explore a variety of fruit, dessert, and candy flavors within the Pod Salt Fusions collection, ensuring there’s a flavor for every preference.

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Out of stock

Summer Syrup: A Refreshing Twist to Vaping

In the fast-paced world of vaping, finding a flavor that stands out is like discovering a hidden gem. Enter Summer Syrup, a nic salt e-liquid by Pod Salts that promises a unique vaping experience.

Flavor Profile

Picture a harmony of flavors gracefully waltzing across your palate’s what Summer Syrup offers. With a base of grape soda infused with pineapple, lemon, and lime, topped with a refreshing menthol exhale, it’s a flavorful journey that high schoolers to college students can enjoy.

VG Composition and Compatibility

Summer Syrup is crafted with a 50% VG composition, making it a versatile choice for smaller starter kits and pod devices. This balanced blend ensures a clear taste and a modest amount of vapor, catering to the preferences of young vapers exploring the world of e-liquids.

Smooth Throat Hit with Nicotinyl Salicylate

For those concerned about a harsh throat hit, Summer Syrup’s salt nicotine blend, featuring Nicotinyl Salicylate at 20mg strength, ensures a smooth experience. This makes it an ideal choice for vapers who want the satisfaction of nicotine without the discomfort.

Variety in Flavors

The Pod Salt Fusions collection offers a variety of flavors, from fruity delights to dessert-inspired treats. Whether you’re a fan of candy or crave the freshness of fruits, there’s a flavor to suit every taste, making it an exciting choice for the young vaping community.

Manufacturing in the UK

Quality matters, especially when it comes to what you inhale. Summer Syrup is proudly manufactured in the UK, adhering to high standards. This ensures that every bottle meets the expectations of discerning vapers who value authenticity and excellence.

Where to find Pod Salts Summer Syrup

Ready to explore the world of Summer Syrup? Head to the EVPE Crystal Clear Vape Store to get your hands on this exceptional e-liquid. It’s a convenient and trusted place for high school and college students to discover and purchase quality vaping products.

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