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Introducing the Geekvape G Series Coil – a revolutionary addition to the vaping world. Exclusively crafted for use with the Geekvape Aegis pod kit, these coils bring innovation to the forefront of your vaping experience.

Key Features:

  • Mesh Coil Build: Experience an unparalleled level of flavor and cloud production thanks to the mesh coil build. The increased surface area ensures every puff is rich and satisfying.
  • Kanthal Wire Materials: Built with durability in mind, the Geekvape G Series Coil utilizes Kanthal wire materials. This robust construction guarantees a longer lifespan, providing vapers with consistent performance.
  • 0.6 Ohm Resistance: Striking the perfect balance, the 0.6 Ohm resistance is ideal for versatile vaping preferences. Whether you prefer a bold throat hit or a smooth inhale, these coils deliver.
  • Suited To High PG E-Liquids: Tailored for high PG e-liquids of 50% and above, these coils ensure optimal results. Enjoy your favorite e-liquids with the Geekvape G Series Coil for a premium vaping experience.
  • Simple Installation Process: Hassle-free installation allows vapers to seamlessly transition to the Geekvape G Series Coil. Enjoy the benefits without the complexity.
  • Longevity and Top Performance: Engineered for a prolonged lifespan, these coils maintain top-notch performance over time. Consistency is key, to ensuring a satisfying vaping experience with each use.

Conveniently find the Geekvape G Series Coil in packs of 5 at the EVPE Crystal Clear Vape Store. Your gateway to an enhanced vaping journey is just a purchase away.


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If you purchase this product you will earn 29 Reward Points worth £1.45!
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Geekvape G Series Coil: Surge in Vaping Innovation

The vaping world has witnessed a surge in innovations, and the Geekvape G Series Coil stands out as a testament to the evolution of vaping technology. Specifically designed for use with the Geekvape Aegis pod kit, these coils offer seamless integration and promise a prolonged lifespan with top-notch performance.

Mesh Coil Build

One of the standout features of these coils is the mesh coil build. This design choice brings several advantages to the table. The mesh coil provides an increased surface area, leading to enhanced flavor and cloud production. Vapers can expect a delightful experience with every puff, thanks to this innovative construction.

Kanthal Wire Materials

The Geekvape G Coils utilize Kanthal wire materials, adding an extra layer of durability to the coils. Kanthal wire is known for its resilience and ability to withstand high temperatures, contributing to a longer lifespan for the coils. This ensures that vapers can enjoy consistent performance without compromising on quality.

0.6 Ohm Resistance

The 0.6 Ohm resistance of Geekvape G Coils plays a crucial role in defining the vaping experience. This moderate resistance level strikes a balance, making the coils versatile for various preferences. To unlock the full potential of these coils, it is recommended to pair them with high PG e-liquids of 50% and above.

Suited To High PG E-Liquids

Understanding the compatibility of e-liquids is paramount for an optimal vaping experience. The Geekvape G Coils are specifically suited for high PG e-liquids, ensuring that users get the best results. Whether you prefer a bold throat hit or a rich flavor, these coils are designed to deliver.

Lifespan and Performance

Beyond the initial installation, the Geekvape Coils are engineered for longevity. Users can expect these coils to maintain top performance over an extended period. This not only enhances the overall value but also ensures a consistent and satisfying vaping experience.

Where to Get Geekvape G Coils

For those eager to elevate their vaping experience with Geekvape G Coils, Visit the EVPE Crystal Clear Vape Store.


G Coil – 0.6 Ohm

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